As consumers we understand that manuals are crucial in understanding, assembling and using of many products. We also believe, that important part of manuals are their prints. Manuals should be clear and legible for users.

High quality paper and clear print have significant impact on its usefulness and attractiveness. Here our expectations meets expectations of producers.

We offer digital print of manuals
and info materials, such as:

Folded manuals and leaflets

printed materials are still the basic form of a direct contact with client who bought your product. Digital printing ensures high quality, short delivery time and the possibility to personalize the content, which is popular for more exclusive products.

Book manuals

this is the most common type used for high quality manuals, especially with low volume printing. Quick to produce, uncomplicated and inexpensive – with all those advantages we can understand, why it is so popular in automotive, medical and electronic industry. If you want to know more about book’s binding possibilities, check our offer.


Pharmaceutical leaflets

our offer includes printing and folding leaflets attached mainly to pharmaceutical products. Such leaflets are usually subject into many rigorous production standards. We can handle paper density from 150 g/m2 down to 40 g/m2. Maximum of 12 folding’s gives us the possibility to fold to very small size, even 36 x 55mm.

If your are not sure what type of manuals fits
your products or you want to know more
about our possibilities, do not hesitate
to CONTACT US or order
a free sample or a personalized test print.