E-books are cool, but we know, that there is nothing better than a cozy evening with a book in your hands. Authors and publishing houses that cooperate with us know this too! Doesn’t matter if it’s a kid’s novel, the academic dissertation or traveler’s notes – all books are important for us.

Thanks to our machinery park, we can arrange low volume productions in a very short time. Digital print is perfect for niche publications, tests, and personalized prints. It also allows for on-demand printing and decreasing your storage to a minimum!

To make sure that our offer is perfect for everyone,
we have developed many ways of preparing books:

Soft cover perfect binding

– the most popular way of binding in manuals, magazines, guides, science publications or fiction books. Relatively low cost with high quality and professional finish makes it quite popular. Cover and insert are connected with glue. Strong, yet flexible option.

Bursting perfect binding

– perfect solution for publications that will be frequently used, like catalogs, school books, albums. Text sectors are folded here with notches that allow adding more glue to the book’ spine and provide twice the strength.

Saddle stitch binding

– very popular binding method, simple and cost-effective in production. Suitable for smaller books, notebooks, comic books, magazines, commercial offers, folders and catalogs.

Spiral binding

– plastic or wire spirals are connecting pages, giving also the possibility to turn individual sheets easily and lie flat with pages open. This type of binding is a good choice for calendars, road atlases, notebooks and rough copies.

Wire-O binding

– unique binding technique, where double-loop wire is inserted through holes on the edge. Pages can rotate 360 degrees and lay flat open. This binding provides an elegant look and fill, it is also often used for notebooks, cookbooks and planners.

Hard covers with thread binding

– the most durable and most processed binding form. Recommended for all publications that require strong and high-quality finish. Pages of the book are sewn together with thread and the cover is adhered to the page block. Books with this binding have longer shelf life. This method is frequently used for science publications, photo albums and others.

Special bindings

– we are open for any ideas our Clients might have. Non-standard solutions are not a problem, just ask and see what we can offer you!

If you cannot decide on the best binding method,
meet with us or order a free sample or a personalized test print.